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tail chasing

I have been chasing my tail abit this week and consequently have done no running.  I really hate that!  Not only do I feel pressure that I am running out of time to get back up to 10km for MM but the guilt of actually not exercising exhausts me.

I noticed on MM website that the 10km starts at 7.30am and the 5km starts a lot later, I think about 10.30am from memory.  I am wishing the 10km would start a bit later as I wanted to hang around and watch the half marathoners and marathoners finish but the start time means I will be hanging around for ages.  The way my running is going at the moment though I know I will definitely be able to do the 5km so it may just come down to that!

At this stage the week ahead does not look as chaotic as last week so hopefully I should be able to fit my three runs in.  I have been looking at a few training schedules as I have been really bored with just running at conversation pace.  I would dearly love to do a speed session once a week but am nervous with all my niggles and the fact that I am trying to build up km’s, it might not be wise to introduce  them just yet.  Having said that I think I am going to give it a little go and see how I pull up 😉


Comments on: "tail chasing" (3)

  1. I think I will do the 5km … the later start is attractive and as you say hanging around for the marathoners works better.

  2. Hi, thanks for your advice re amnio on my blog (yes I am SJ) 🙂

    Hope you manage to catch up on some running this week

  3. why not do your runs at conversation pace(and rather than doing speed work which may cause niggles) have 2 lots of 3mins(building to 2 lots of 5) at a faster pace within you run. This is quite hard and not as flat out as intervals

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