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plodding along in new shoes

I am still tossing up whether to do the 5km at MM this year and now that I have missed the early entry its not looking good.  Not only will it now cost $55, I will have to go into the MCG in race week to pick up race pack which will be a big hassle for me.  I might still have an insane moment and decide to do it but if not, I will probably do the next Spring into Shape . 

I have set myself a training program with the help of Smartcoach from Runners World (USA) with the goal run being the Sussan Women’s Fun Run 10km which is in December.  So I have been plodding along just doing 3km runs with a km of walking.  This Sunday I am set to increase to 5km, lol!  This time last year I was doing 16 – 18km runs in prep for the MM half and to be honest, I miss those long distances.  I have had a really tough year this year familywise so I am just grateful I am back running again.  The plan is just to enjoy  my running and build up as able….. thats the best I can do at the moment.

It occurred to me the other day that I was long overdue for some new runners and I trotted down to Radius 7 the  Brooks Factory in Smith Street, Collingwood.  I was all set to check out neutral shoes in other brands as we are on a bit of a budget at the moment and was absolutely estatic that I picked up a pair of Radius 7’s for $82!!   I usually wear the  Brooks Glycerins which are usually around the $250 mark and they were going for $170.  Still too much for me but it is worth remembering for the future as I usually buy them on-line from a USA running store for that price with postage included.  I am really happy with the Radius 7’s and the knee pain I was getting in both knees, new niggle, has gone so I can only assume it was my old shoes 😳


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