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insane moment

Ok, I have had the insane moment and have entered the 5km at MM!!  I just couldn’t let it go by and have to say it was completely the social side of things that tipped me 😳   The sort of bright side is it only cost $50 instead of $55 that was advertised on page of entry fees.  Really looking forward to catching up with everyone and of course, Jaykay, the mandatory drinks at the Transport afterwards!  I was going to contact you re:  running buddies but somehow, and I honestly don’t know how, but I managed to talk RJ aka “c RJ run”  into doing it as well!!!  She has done absolutely no running for an eternity because she has been busy with her brother getting their new business venture up and running.  When I spoke to her on the phone I said, it’s going to be 22 degrees, a beautiful sunny morning, we can leisurely walk run it and then have champagne at the Transport with the ausrunners and coolrunners afterwards 🙂  Aaahhh,  the power of persuasion.  Now I have to work out how the hell I am going to get to the MCG before Sunday to pick up race packs!

I was thinking about this event and I realised that I have now done the 10km (07), the Half Marathon(08) and this year it will be the 5km.  Hhhmmm, that just leaves the Full Marathon to have completed all events……… 😆


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  1. Ok so it’s a date then, the 5km this Sunday, and the Full in 2010 🙂

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