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Lack of Motivation

I thought I would pop back in here to try and motivate myself!

Have been running sporadically but have been struggling with it mainly due to the little toe I broke on Jan 3rd.  It is still giving me grief.  I decided to get a second X-Ray taken to check if it had healed before doing Run 4 the Kids but the GP did not want me to run at all.  I decided I would do event depending on results and how it felt, it would be 10 weeks since I broke it on the event day.  Well I did the 14km event with RJ and we both struggled the entire distance.  It wasn’t just my toe but speaking for myself, my lack of  fitness and ended up walking most of the distance 😳   I have never ever done an event since I started running in 2006 and felt so crap!!

Since then I have been trying to run three times a week but the last couple of weeks I have been working heaps of shifts (nursing) and my toe seems to have flared up a bit.  I did re-join the gym again a couple of months ago to concentrate on pilates/yoga and now I am thinking maybe I should add some cross training.  I should also book in to get an assessment done and get a program written up as well.  Keep thinking about it but so far that is as far as it gets……… I am really good at procrastinating!


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