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The last two days I have been out doing a walk/run regime which will last for 21 days to get me back on track with my running.  I ran around the local lake yesterday morning and it was absolutely beautiful with all the fog that was around, cold but beautiful!  I didn’t realise how much I have missed running!!    

There have been a variety of reasons why I have had a break from the running but the latest is, I have been really struggling with what to do in regards to my feet and shoe choice.  I am over my orthotics!  I have  had them tweaked thousands of times, ok maybe not thousands but definitely numerous, and my problems with niggles have never improved.  I first got my orthotics made in 2006.  Even after not running consistently for at least 1 year 😳 my niggles are still stubbornly there!  I know my occupation is not helping things with all the walking I do on a shift.  So I have been trying to decide whether to start back in a neutral shoe with heel lift and see what happens or go into a motion control shoe.  I know I over pronate and have a leg length discrepancy but I have been thinking to try and strenghten my feet and leg muscles with the neutral shoe.  Everything in my head is also screaming, get into a motion control shoe! 

I happened to come across a blog on Coolrunning by Bennie who has started seeing a  physio who is also a foot specialist (Orthotist).  I like the idea of being treated by one person for all issues.  I know some of my niggles are a result of my feet and I know that my core strength sucks.  I have made an appointment for Tuesday and I can’t wait.  I really am ready to start running again and hopefully this guy can sort me out.  I have my sights on doing the 10km at Melbourne Marathon this year.


Comments on: "starting fresh…….. again" (4)

  1. morseyruns said:

    Hope you get it sorted out soon Lee, glad to see you back again.

  2. Great to see you back “on blog” – I’ve missed you!

    Hope you have as much luck with your othotist as I did with my sport doc and physio, I think they’ve got me sorted finally.

  3. Welcome back Lee. Hope everything goes well on Tuesday!

  4. yep-great to have you back. As one who has ongoing issues myself-keep on trying stuff til you find what works. im still trying to find new stuff and will keep trying and trying and trying for my back

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