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re-learning foot function

Thats what I have to do according to the foot specialist/physio I saw on Tuesday. I literally have to “learn to walk again”.  My appointment went for well over an hour and the bottom line is, I have to re-train my brain’s idea on feet, footwear and walking.  I have been given a key re-training exercise to get some midfoot movement and have to do those often for 2 minutes at a time on left foot only.  I go back on Tuesday.  I am not sure what outcome of all this will be but I am willing to give it a go for a reasonable amount of time.  I feel I have nothing to lose at this point.  The only thing I didn’t like was he said I am not to run for at least a “school term”.  I was thinking shorter school term of 8 weeks but he said 12 weeks!!!  Not sure if if I will last that long but we will see.  I am somehow going to have to fit the gym into my time and do resistance and cardio.  I have put on weight 😦


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  1. What about cycling Lee? I’ve found it great exercise, and love it as much as running now, and it is so much easier on my aging body!

  2. you took one year break, 12 weeks is nothing. either cycle or do deep water running(thats what i do when injured and craving running(will keep the weight off too)

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