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slow process

Well, I have now had three appointments with foot specialist and I can see this is going to be a sloooooow process!  We are basically only working on one foot and he said the whole process will take up to around 12 weeks.   I have absolutely no patience but I will persist for a little while longer.  I asked him if I could run, I know I am very annoying as I have asked him this question at each appointment and to be honest he was a bit wish washy with answer this week.  He said to me I could but not overly and that I could bike or swim.  So, I have decided because he he said not overly I am going to do run three 4km a week and bike at the gym 🙂  I know I am pathetic but because he was a bit wish washy about it and it wasn’t a down and out right NO, I”m grabbing onto it, pmsl!  Now I am thinking Spring into Shape, just have to check the dates that they are on and see if I am not working. 

Started myself on Weight Watchers again and have lost 1kg, very happy with that and will perservere.  Had a few blow outs over the week but overall I think I did quite well and it has shown on the scales 😀  

Andrew, I have often thought about getting a bike but I am petrified that I will fall off or worse get hit by a car.  When I was younger 🙄  I use to ride a lot and had absolutely no fear but now I have grown into a bit fat scardey cat!!


Comments on: "slow process" (3)

  1. I’m not sure where you live, but you may find that you can get some pretty decent rides in just on bike paths. They are pretty good around Melbourne now.

  2. I’m like you with the bike – there are some morons on the roads.

  3. morseyruns said:

    You can ride the Capital City trail quite easily from anywhere in the inner city- it is safe and quite fun.

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