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a year older

I cannot believe I am a year older……… it was my Birthday yesterday and I just can’t believe how old I am šŸ˜Æ I actually think I feel depressed about it today.

Original plans for Dandenongs today were scratched and we ended up catching up with RJ and family for a Birthday dinner last night. We had yummy Thai šŸ™‚ I also had way to much champagne and am paying the price today. Got up first thing this morning and went and got the family a Macca’s breakfast and now I am scoffing my way through a box of cheese and bacon shapes šŸ˜³ I know I really should be drinking heaps of water but it is not cutting it!

I also feel down in the dumps because of all my aches and pains I have at the moment. It is purely all the walking at work that is setting everything off and I really think I need to see someone about it. Yesterday when I finished my shift I was hobbling to the car like an old woman, oh thats right I am an old woman who just turned a year older!! RJ suggested to go and see an Osteopath and I think I am going to give it a go. I have looked into it and I think I will try and make an appointment this week. I might hold off with Foot specialist. I know I seem to dithering around at the moment and if I wasn’t in pain I would just continue with foot guy. I have to say I am still a little confused with all the diffferent opinions regarding running footwear/orthotics. Why does it have to be so complicated……. I just want to be able run, I mean walk šŸ™„

Oh well thats enough of my dribble, I am now off to find a Coca Cola to wash the shapes down!!


Comments on: "a year older" (2)

  1. Happy Birthday!

    But I’m guessing you’ve got a good 10 years on me, so stop complaining – you’re not allowed to complain until you’re my age šŸ™‚

  2. morseyruns said:

    Happy birthday! I would be seeing EVERYONE I could right now if I were you- seriously, even the bloke who waves fish over your body! Hope you get it sorted- and I hope you had fish and chips to finish off your hangover day!

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