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feeling fitter

Even though I have been low profile, I have been busy plugging away at my running and fitness. I finally went and had my assessment done at the gym.  I booked in with a trainer who is a runner and he has tailored my program for core and upper body strength.  I have been utilising the treadmill again as I have been a bit time poor so I have decided treadmill running is better than no running.  My goal is to get to gym at least twice a week for my program and if I have to, I will run on tready if I can’t fit outside running in. 

I am happy with my progress and have decided to take the pressure of myself in terms of trying to build up distance for certain events.  I think I have to just plug along slowly without injuring myself.  I am running without my orthotics and so far so good.  Not  sure how I will go as distance gets longer.  At the moment I am only up to 5km 😳   I am still toying with the idea of getting stability shoes and I have my eye on the new Asics Kayano 16.  I went to Foot Locker and did the treadmill thing in them and they really straightened up my feet and felt good.  My Physio said to address core for niggles and weaknesses, and I am doing that.  My body definitely feels better for it and I am not in so much pain now, especially at end of work shifts.  I am still no closer to making a decision about my pronating feet.  Podiatrist recommends stability shoe or neutral shoe with orthotics and the Foot Specialist (the guy I was seeing) tells me I can strengthen my feet and not have to use any particular shoe or orthotics.  I guess I don’t want to waste weeks of going/paying for appointments and doing exercises and then eventually decide its not working, thats the bottom line.  So in the meantime I shall just plod along and do what I am doing and hope for the best.

I am loving the Spring weather even though it is still a little fresh at times.  To run when the sun is shining is just awesome.  I am so grateful I can run!


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