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living in the now

I had the best run this morning ūüôā It was only 6km but it was comfortable and I had¬†a good rhythm going.¬† I did a 4.5km run on Friday and it¬†was total crap!!¬† I struggled bad.¬† It is really weird how runs can be so different.

It was an out and back course which took me up past the cemetery.¬† I don’t know what it is with me but I¬†find it really interesting to run past and look at all the gravestones¬† ūüė≥¬† Sometimes I think I would like to actually run on the roads through the cemetery but thats probably going a bit too far not to mention disrespectful!¬†¬†When¬†I read the names on the grave stones it makes me wonder about¬†the person and families they have left behind¬†and just the way life does in fact go on after you have gone.¬†¬†I find myself thinking alot about my own morality and that life is way to¬†short.¬† It seems to me you start realising this as you get older ūüė¶ ¬†

When I went back to¬†Weight Watchers on Tuesday they launched the new Pro Points program.¬† You no longer work out point value of ¬†food¬†on saturated fat and kilojoules it is now worked¬†on protein, carbs,¬† fat (full) and fibre.¬†¬†¬†A lot of the point values for food¬†have gone up so you really need to know how many points are in what to be able to do it successfully.¬†¬†I have¬† been doing WW for so long on and off over the years I know the point values like the back of my hand but now I am completely in the dark.¬†¬†¬†ÔĽŅThis means I needed to buy the tools to be able to work out new point values.¬† I decided in the end to¬†join the WW E-Tools which is an on-line service.¬† It cost $60 for the month and includes¬†unlimited meetings over month, tool to work out points ( you enter values of food and it give you the point value), database of foods/point value and an on-line tracker.¬†¬†It actually works out cheaper to do it this way than pay the weekly meeting cost plus buy the bits and pieces.¬† I have made the decision¬†to commit to 1 month and then I am going to cancel it.¬†¬†I have lost 4kg and would like to lose another 4kg.¬† I know I just need to keep in the swing of things to be successful, I can and will do this!!

I am doing a six day stretch of afternoon shift at the moment and I am on day 4.  I usually get home before 10pm and I am usually starving by then and this is my danger zone.  I need to find a suitable low point filling snack to have at this time of night and not reach for the crap that is in the cupboard for the rest of the family!


Spring into Shape #3

I decided on Saturday night that I was going to go down to Alexandra Gardens and enter the third and final Spring into Shape Fun Run 4.3km.¬† The last run that I did was a 5km over 3 weeks ago and I have also¬†been sick for a couple of days last week.¬†¬†I was feeling as though a little jaunt in the fresh air and rain if was going to,¬†would be good for me.¬† It would also give me the opportunity to christen my new¬†Kayano 16’s that I purchased a couple of weeks ago!

Arrived nice and early so I could get a good parking spot and also because I was entering on the day.¬† All went nice and smoothly and I was able to look around¬†at all the stalls leisurely.¬† I¬†noticed they were selling¬†the event tee for $30 so I snapped one of those up which I was really happy about as it was a really nice one this year ūüôā ¬†

It wasn’t long and we were all lining up at the start and we were off.¬† I had a little goal in my head if I could do each km in about 6mins or so I would be happy.¬† Started off good but sort of fizzed out abit into the 3rd km.¬†¬†That Batman Avenue incline was a bit of a grind for me and thats where I took my first walk break.¬†¬†Had a 2nd short walk break¬†somewhere after that but can’t remember exactly where!¬†¬†On the home stretch I seemed to get that 2nd wind and felt quite strong crossing the finish line.¬† So strong in fact that I actually kept running through the people who take your shoe time¬†tag off and past all the drink people, water and the Emma and Tom’s juices they were giving out ūüė≥¬† I don’t know if it¬† just me but I find at the end of my race I like to ease into a walk and not just stop abruptly.¬† Needless to say, my face was crimson and I felt like a wannabe athelete, pmsl!¬†

After I got my composure together I then went back and handed my time tag in and¬† grabbed some water and a¬†juice!¬† I have to say, I have been pretty happy since that run and I had forgotten that feeling of entering an event.¬†¬†My next event will be the 5km Sussan Women’s Fun Run which is a real favourite of mine.¬† I have all my event goals mapped out for 2011 but themain goal is to enter Fun Run at least once a month.¬† Life¬†always seems¬†to¬†get in the way of my training so I¬†figure if I can at least maintain my running and knock out a 5km its better than nothing!

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