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first entry for 2011

Is it already the 26th January??  Where did the month go!!  Worked through Christmas and New Year and then had 10 days off from the 13th Jan.  We went to Pt Lonsdale and had a really relaxing holiday.  Did heaps, spent heaps and even managed to have a couple of runs along the beach 🙂    

Finished 2010 with the Sussans Womens Fun Run 5km on December 6th. I really love this run although it is usually warm and humid and I find it a slog. I finished it in just over 30mins which I was happy with.

My first big goal for 2011 is Run 4 the Kids so have been running sort of consistently over the past few weeks. Usually do anything between 4-5km and if I need to, I walk. I have been just trying to keep it simple without getting to bogged down with what I have to do and just enjoy it.  I have to say though I am running most of distance.  I have made an appointment with Jason Agosta Podiatrist in February as I need to sort out my feet…….. still! My training regime that I have set out for next 12 weeks starts this week  tomorrow 😳  Its three runs a week building up to around 12km by week 10.  I have entered the first Super Sunset Series which is at the Melbourne Zoo on the 3rd February.  I am doing the 4m and have run this run in the past and its another one of my favourites. 

I am still in holiday mode at the moment as the kids are still on school holidays.  They return next Friday so there will be no excuses for not trying to get some kind of routine going with my training, just wished I didn’t have to work so much!!


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