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Spring into Shape #3

I decided on Saturday night that I was going to go down to Alexandra Gardens and enter the third and final Spring into Shape Fun Run 4.3km.  The last run that I did was a 5km over 3 weeks ago and I have also been sick for a couple of days last week.  I was feeling as though a little jaunt in the fresh air and rain if was going to, would be good for me.  It would also give me the opportunity to christen my new Kayano 16’s that I purchased a couple of weeks ago!

Arrived nice and early so I could get a good parking spot and also because I was entering on the day.  All went nice and smoothly and I was able to look around at all the stalls leisurely.  I noticed they were selling the event tee for $30 so I snapped one of those up which I was really happy about as it was a really nice one this year 🙂  

It wasn’t long and we were all lining up at the start and we were off.  I had a little goal in my head if I could do each km in about 6mins or so I would be happy.  Started off good but sort of fizzed out abit into the 3rd km.  That Batman Avenue incline was a bit of a grind for me and thats where I took my first walk break.  Had a 2nd short walk break somewhere after that but can’t remember exactly where!  On the home stretch I seemed to get that 2nd wind and felt quite strong crossing the finish line.  So strong in fact that I actually kept running through the people who take your shoe time tag off and past all the drink people, water and the Emma and Tom’s juices they were giving out 😳  I don’t know if it  just me but I find at the end of my race I like to ease into a walk and not just stop abruptly.  Needless to say, my face was crimson and I felt like a wannabe athelete, pmsl! 

After I got my composure together I then went back and handed my time tag in and  grabbed some water and a juice!  I have to say, I have been pretty happy since that run and I had forgotten that feeling of entering an event.  My next event will be the 5km Sussan Women’s Fun Run which is a real favourite of mine.  I have all my event goals mapped out for 2011 but themain goal is to enter Fun Run at least once a month.  Life always seems to get in the way of my training so I figure if I can at least maintain my running and knock out a 5km its better than nothing!


slow process

Well, I have now had three appointments with foot specialist and I can see this is going to be a sloooooow process!  We are basically only working on one foot and he said the whole process will take up to around 12 weeks.   I have absolutely no patience but I will persist for a little while longer.  I asked him if I could run, I know I am very annoying as I have asked him this question at each appointment and to be honest he was a bit wish washy with answer this week.  He said to me I could but not overly and that I could bike or swim.  So, I have decided because he he said not overly I am going to do run three 4km a week and bike at the gym 🙂  I know I am pathetic but because he was a bit wish washy about it and it wasn’t a down and out right NO, I”m grabbing onto it, pmsl!  Now I am thinking Spring into Shape, just have to check the dates that they are on and see if I am not working. 

Started myself on Weight Watchers again and have lost 1kg, very happy with that and will perservere.  Had a few blow outs over the week but overall I think I did quite well and it has shown on the scales 😀  

Andrew, I have often thought about getting a bike but I am petrified that I will fall off or worse get hit by a car.  When I was younger 🙄  I use to ride a lot and had absolutely no fear but now I have grown into a bit fat scardey cat!!

Lack of Motivation

I thought I would pop back in here to try and motivate myself!

Have been running sporadically but have been struggling with it mainly due to the little toe I broke on Jan 3rd.  It is still giving me grief.  I decided to get a second X-Ray taken to check if it had healed before doing Run 4 the Kids but the GP did not want me to run at all.  I decided I would do event depending on results and how it felt, it would be 10 weeks since I broke it on the event day.  Well I did the 14km event with RJ and we both struggled the entire distance.  It wasn’t just my toe but speaking for myself, my lack of  fitness and ended up walking most of the distance 😳   I have never ever done an event since I started running in 2006 and felt so crap!!

Since then I have been trying to run three times a week but the last couple of weeks I have been working heaps of shifts (nursing) and my toe seems to have flared up a bit.  I did re-join the gym again a couple of months ago to concentrate on pilates/yoga and now I am thinking maybe I should add some cross training.  I should also book in to get an assessment done and get a program written up as well.  Keep thinking about it but so far that is as far as it gets……… I am really good at procrastinating!

plodding along in new shoes

I am still tossing up whether to do the 5km at MM this year and now that I have missed the early entry its not looking good.  Not only will it now cost $55, I will have to go into the MCG in race week to pick up race pack which will be a big hassle for me.  I might still have an insane moment and decide to do it but if not, I will probably do the next Spring into Shape . 

I have set myself a training program with the help of Smartcoach from Runners World (USA) with the goal run being the Sussan Women’s Fun Run 10km which is in December.  So I have been plodding along just doing 3km runs with a km of walking.  This Sunday I am set to increase to 5km, lol!  This time last year I was doing 16 – 18km runs in prep for the MM half and to be honest, I miss those long distances.  I have had a really tough year this year familywise so I am just grateful I am back running again.  The plan is just to enjoy  my running and build up as able….. thats the best I can do at the moment.

It occurred to me the other day that I was long overdue for some new runners and I trotted down to Radius 7 the  Brooks Factory in Smith Street, Collingwood.  I was all set to check out neutral shoes in other brands as we are on a bit of a budget at the moment and was absolutely estatic that I picked up a pair of Radius 7’s for $82!!   I usually wear the  Brooks Glycerins which are usually around the $250 mark and they were going for $170.  Still too much for me but it is worth remembering for the future as I usually buy them on-line from a USA running store for that price with postage included.  I am really happy with the Radius 7’s and the knee pain I was getting in both knees, new niggle, has gone so I can only assume it was my old shoes 😳

tail chasing

I have been chasing my tail abit this week and consequently have done no running.  I really hate that!  Not only do I feel pressure that I am running out of time to get back up to 10km for MM but the guilt of actually not exercising exhausts me.

I noticed on MM website that the 10km starts at 7.30am and the 5km starts a lot later, I think about 10.30am from memory.  I am wishing the 10km would start a bit later as I wanted to hang around and watch the half marathoners and marathoners finish but the start time means I will be hanging around for ages.  The way my running is going at the moment though I know I will definitely be able to do the 5km so it may just come down to that!

At this stage the week ahead does not look as chaotic as last week so hopefully I should be able to fit my three runs in.  I have been looking at a few training schedules as I have been really bored with just running at conversation pace.  I would dearly love to do a speed session once a week but am nervous with all my niggles and the fact that I am trying to build up km’s, it might not be wise to introduce  them just yet.  Having said that I think I am going to give it a little go and see how I pull up 😉

a big tweeter

It would be impossible to write of all events of past few months so here are my tweets  😀      

Major family crisis in April (very distressing)

Moved house in May

Ongoing health issues with 11 year old

No running or any form of exercise in that time

Eating has turned to pure crap!

Returned to work

Home front situation slowly settling

Fast forward  to late June/early July:  I started John Binghams run/walk half marathon regime with the definite goal of doing the 10km at Melbourne Marathon and with the sneaky in my mind goal of maybe doing the half.  I also started clinical pilates again at the sports clinic when I could get there for my ongoing annoying sciatica and imbalances which need to be sorted.  Was going really well and quietly getting real excited about the half but my knee started to twinge on the longer distances and so now I feel as though I am back to square one 😦  I know I have to perservere with stretching, core strengthening stuff and quad work but I am annoyed.  I have carried all this since I started running and have never ran without issues going on.  The funny thing is all my niggles are now affecting me when I am at work on the wards walking.  Last night towards end of shift, my sciatica and pf was killing me!!  Unfortunately my othotics don’t fit in my work shoes so I may have to look into that.

So goals now are just to run sensibly, even if it is a meazly 30minutes, try for the life of me to get to Pilates, this always seems to go on the back burner when life gets in the way, keep stretching, self massage with foam roller and spiky ball, use the wobble board that I bought and find some really good vmo strengthening exercises.  I can do this, I know I can!  If  I want to build up my running distances again I have no choice, it all has to be done 🙄

black cloud

I am forever chasing my tail lately in the blogging department.  It doesn’t help that my 10 year old has been hogging my lap because the home computer needs fixing!  RJ’s two boys have introduced him to msn and they asked if they could set him up so they could chat on-line, stupidly I said yes 🙄

I received my program from physio and discussed it with him and he was happy for me to start it.  He has also given me a new range of exercises to do, ones that I can do at home and not have to rely on the reformers at the clinic.  I have been experiencing a new sharp pain in calf that starts when my heel hits the ground.  It shoots up calf and I think, hammy and buttock.  Its quite different to anything that I have had before.  It seems to settle after I have done a few km’s and a few extra stretches.  I am doing heaps of self massage on calves and I had an appointment with my myotherapist this morning and she did all the magical things that she does.  I had more needling and cupping done on calves and shins, and she gave my right lower back, hip area a good going over as that is still sore and, she also did the hamstrings.  I feel as though I have been in a boxing ring at the the moment but I know its all for the good.  I also have started taking magnesium as I have been told they might help the tight calves.


I won’t bore you with all the runs that I have done since I last blogged, I’ll just start with yesterday’s run.  Met up with RJ, Staypuff and Spectre (Cool Runners) down at Como Landing at 8am.  I had been given the go ahead to do a 12km run by the Physio but my Pod wanted me to stay at 10-11km until calf pain and sciatica had settled.  Since my orthotics have had adjustment put on, my sciatica has gone so I decided I would see how the calf behaved and after 5km’s all was well so I ended up doing the 12km’s.  It was a fantastic run along the river and RJ and I finished in the pouring rain which had definetly got us moving 🙂   SP and Spectre threw in a lap of the Tan and because they are fast, they weren’t really that far behind us.  It was so cold but so invigorating.  It was quite funny really because I noticed when I passed other runners going the other way we would say hello with big smiles on our faces……. that can’t be normal surely?? 😆   I have found the long runs with CR’s really great and it is doing heaps for my motivation.  We dried off with a towel and changed into some dry clothes and then eventually found a table at the little cafe there, I think it is called the Kanteen.  I had a coffee and the best blueberry muffin I have ever had in my life, it was yummo!

Well I am off to Perth for two weeks with the kids on Wednesday and to be quite honest, I cannot wait to get it over with.  We will be scattering my Dad’s ashes on the Saturday in a special place at the beach.  I just can’t believe it will be a year since he died, it still seems as though it was only yesterday 😦   My hubby was suppose to be coming along for this trip but was unable to swing it which is a major bummer for me.  I also have to get through my sisters wedding in Kalgoorlie which is going to be an experience in itself.  I just hope that bloody Bridesmaid dress fits!!!!  Still can’t believe I am a bridesmaid at the age of 106 🙄

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