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first entry for 2011

Is it already the 26th January??  Where did the month go!!  Worked through Christmas and New Year and then had 10 days off from the 13th Jan.  We went to Pt Lonsdale and had a really relaxing holiday.  Did heaps, spent heaps and even managed to have a couple of runs along the beach 🙂    

Finished 2010 with the Sussans Womens Fun Run 5km on December 6th. I really love this run although it is usually warm and humid and I find it a slog. I finished it in just over 30mins which I was happy with.

My first big goal for 2011 is Run 4 the Kids so have been running sort of consistently over the past few weeks. Usually do anything between 4-5km and if I need to, I walk. I have been just trying to keep it simple without getting to bogged down with what I have to do and just enjoy it.  I have to say though I am running most of distance.  I have made an appointment with Jason Agosta Podiatrist in February as I need to sort out my feet…….. still! My training regime that I have set out for next 12 weeks starts this week  tomorrow 😳  Its three runs a week building up to around 12km by week 10.  I have entered the first Super Sunset Series which is at the Melbourne Zoo on the 3rd February.  I am doing the 4m and have run this run in the past and its another one of my favourites. 

I am still in holiday mode at the moment as the kids are still on school holidays.  They return next Friday so there will be no excuses for not trying to get some kind of routine going with my training, just wished I didn’t have to work so much!!


living in the now

I had the best run this morning 🙂 It was only 6km but it was comfortable and I had a good rhythm going.  I did a 4.5km run on Friday and it was total crap!!  I struggled bad.  It is really weird how runs can be so different.

It was an out and back course which took me up past the cemetery.  I don’t know what it is with me but I find it really interesting to run past and look at all the gravestones  😳  Sometimes I think I would like to actually run on the roads through the cemetery but thats probably going a bit too far not to mention disrespectful!  When I read the names on the grave stones it makes me wonder about the person and families they have left behind and just the way life does in fact go on after you have gone.  I find myself thinking alot about my own morality and that life is way to short.  It seems to me you start realising this as you get older 😦  

When I went back to Weight Watchers on Tuesday they launched the new Pro Points program.  You no longer work out point value of  food on saturated fat and kilojoules it is now worked on protein, carbs,  fat (full) and fibre.   A lot of the point values for food have gone up so you really need to know how many points are in what to be able to do it successfully.  I have  been doing WW for so long on and off over the years I know the point values like the back of my hand but now I am completely in the dark.   This means I needed to buy the tools to be able to work out new point values.  I decided in the end to join the WW E-Tools which is an on-line service.  It cost $60 for the month and includes unlimited meetings over month, tool to work out points ( you enter values of food and it give you the point value), database of foods/point value and an on-line tracker.  It actually works out cheaper to do it this way than pay the weekly meeting cost plus buy the bits and pieces.  I have made the decision to commit to 1 month and then I am going to cancel it.  I have lost 4kg and would like to lose another 4kg.  I know I just need to keep in the swing of things to be successful, I can and will do this!!

I am doing a six day stretch of afternoon shift at the moment and I am on day 4.  I usually get home before 10pm and I am usually starving by then and this is my danger zone.  I need to find a suitable low point filling snack to have at this time of night and not reach for the crap that is in the cupboard for the rest of the family!

feeling fitter

Even though I have been low profile, I have been busy plugging away at my running and fitness. I finally went and had my assessment done at the gym.  I booked in with a trainer who is a runner and he has tailored my program for core and upper body strength.  I have been utilising the treadmill again as I have been a bit time poor so I have decided treadmill running is better than no running.  My goal is to get to gym at least twice a week for my program and if I have to, I will run on tready if I can’t fit outside running in. 

I am happy with my progress and have decided to take the pressure of myself in terms of trying to build up distance for certain events.  I think I have to just plug along slowly without injuring myself.  I am running without my orthotics and so far so good.  Not  sure how I will go as distance gets longer.  At the moment I am only up to 5km 😳   I am still toying with the idea of getting stability shoes and I have my eye on the new Asics Kayano 16.  I went to Foot Locker and did the treadmill thing in them and they really straightened up my feet and felt good.  My Physio said to address core for niggles and weaknesses, and I am doing that.  My body definitely feels better for it and I am not in so much pain now, especially at end of work shifts.  I am still no closer to making a decision about my pronating feet.  Podiatrist recommends stability shoe or neutral shoe with orthotics and the Foot Specialist (the guy I was seeing) tells me I can strengthen my feet and not have to use any particular shoe or orthotics.  I guess I don’t want to waste weeks of going/paying for appointments and doing exercises and then eventually decide its not working, thats the bottom line.  So in the meantime I shall just plod along and do what I am doing and hope for the best.

I am loving the Spring weather even though it is still a little fresh at times.  To run when the sun is shining is just awesome.  I am so grateful I can run!

a year older

I cannot believe I am a year older……… it was my Birthday yesterday and I just can’t believe how old I am 😯 I actually think I feel depressed about it today.

Original plans for Dandenongs today were scratched and we ended up catching up with RJ and family for a Birthday dinner last night. We had yummy Thai 🙂 I also had way to much champagne and am paying the price today. Got up first thing this morning and went and got the family a Macca’s breakfast and now I am scoffing my way through a box of cheese and bacon shapes 😳 I know I really should be drinking heaps of water but it is not cutting it!

I also feel down in the dumps because of all my aches and pains I have at the moment. It is purely all the walking at work that is setting everything off and I really think I need to see someone about it. Yesterday when I finished my shift I was hobbling to the car like an old woman, oh thats right I am an old woman who just turned a year older!! RJ suggested to go and see an Osteopath and I think I am going to give it a go. I have looked into it and I think I will try and make an appointment this week. I might hold off with Foot specialist. I know I seem to dithering around at the moment and if I wasn’t in pain I would just continue with foot guy. I have to say I am still a little confused with all the diffferent opinions regarding running footwear/orthotics. Why does it have to be so complicated……. I just want to be able run, I mean walk 🙄

Oh well thats enough of my dribble, I am now off to find a Coca Cola to wash the shapes down!!


I have had a lurgy for the last few days, muscle aches, sore throat and cough/cold.  I had been fighting it since last week and my last rostered shift was Monday.  I was almost without voice at start of shift but by the end of the shift, I had no voice.  So I spent my days off, sick and looking after two sick children who obviously caught it off me, DOH!  I really hate Winter bugs, very annoying and disruptive to family life!  I am now due back to work today but  feel heaps better although I still sound disgusting.  Thankfully I only have to get through two shifts and then I am on days off again 😀    

I missed my appointment this week with foot specialist but have been continuing to do my foot exercises.  I have also started doing some core exercises, Bicycle Crunch exercises, Planks and Crossover Crunches.  I am very happy to say I have sore abs 🙂

Caught up with RJ and family on Sunday.  I finished work at 1pm and although I was feeling crappy, met RJ down the Tan and did a lap and a half of walk/running.  It was such a beautiful day with lots of people about.  We had a coffee afterwards and then went back to RJ’s place where all the family were.  Relaxed the rest of the afternoon and stayed for dinner.  We had a roast lamb dinner followed by deserts from RJ’s bakery.  It was a great day and we haven’t done it in ages because RJ works till late on Saturday and I am usually rostered on over entire week-end.  I have missed our get togethers, pesky work!  We have planned to go to the Dandenong Ranges on Sunday and have a family barbeque.  We were talking about how we use to do all sorts of things, the four of us, but once the kids came along, it all seemed to stop!  We have made a commitment to start doing family stuff with the kids and if somehow, RJ and I can incorporate a little exercise into it, all the better 😀  RJ suggested we do the 1000 steps  😯

re-learning foot function

Thats what I have to do according to the foot specialist/physio I saw on Tuesday. I literally have to “learn to walk again”.  My appointment went for well over an hour and the bottom line is, I have to re-train my brain’s idea on feet, footwear and walking.  I have been given a key re-training exercise to get some midfoot movement and have to do those often for 2 minutes at a time on left foot only.  I go back on Tuesday.  I am not sure what outcome of all this will be but I am willing to give it a go for a reasonable amount of time.  I feel I have nothing to lose at this point.  The only thing I didn’t like was he said I am not to run for at least a “school term”.  I was thinking shorter school term of 8 weeks but he said 12 weeks!!!  Not sure if if I will last that long but we will see.  I am somehow going to have to fit the gym into my time and do resistance and cardio.  I have put on weight 😦

starting fresh…….. again

The last two days I have been out doing a walk/run regime which will last for 21 days to get me back on track with my running.  I ran around the local lake yesterday morning and it was absolutely beautiful with all the fog that was around, cold but beautiful!  I didn’t realise how much I have missed running!!    

There have been a variety of reasons why I have had a break from the running but the latest is, I have been really struggling with what to do in regards to my feet and shoe choice.  I am over my orthotics!  I have  had them tweaked thousands of times, ok maybe not thousands but definitely numerous, and my problems with niggles have never improved.  I first got my orthotics made in 2006.  Even after not running consistently for at least 1 year 😳 my niggles are still stubbornly there!  I know my occupation is not helping things with all the walking I do on a shift.  So I have been trying to decide whether to start back in a neutral shoe with heel lift and see what happens or go into a motion control shoe.  I know I over pronate and have a leg length discrepancy but I have been thinking to try and strenghten my feet and leg muscles with the neutral shoe.  Everything in my head is also screaming, get into a motion control shoe! 

I happened to come across a blog on Coolrunning by Bennie who has started seeing a  physio who is also a foot specialist (Orthotist).  I like the idea of being treated by one person for all issues.  I know some of my niggles are a result of my feet and I know that my core strength sucks.  I have made an appointment for Tuesday and I can’t wait.  I really am ready to start running again and hopefully this guy can sort me out.  I have my sights on doing the 10km at Melbourne Marathon this year.

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