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re-learning foot function

Thats what I have to do according to the foot specialist/physio I saw on Tuesday. I literally have to “learn to walk again”.  My appointment went for well over an hour and the bottom line is, I have to re-train my brain’s idea on feet, footwear and walking.  I have been given a key re-training exercise to get some midfoot movement and have to do those often for 2 minutes at a time on left foot only.  I go back on Tuesday.  I am not sure what outcome of all this will be but I am willing to give it a go for a reasonable amount of time.  I feel I have nothing to lose at this point.  The only thing I didn’t like was he said I am not to run for at least a “school term”.  I was thinking shorter school term of 8 weeks but he said 12 weeks!!!  Not sure if if I will last that long but we will see.  I am somehow going to have to fit the gym into my time and do resistance and cardio.  I have put on weight 😦


The last two days I have been out doing a walk/run regime which will last for 21 days to get me back on track with my running.  I ran around the local lake yesterday morning and it was absolutely beautiful with all the fog that was around, cold but beautiful!  I didn’t realise how much I have missed running!!    

There have been a variety of reasons why I have had a break from the running but the latest is, I have been really struggling with what to do in regards to my feet and shoe choice.  I am over my orthotics!  I have  had them tweaked thousands of times, ok maybe not thousands but definitely numerous, and my problems with niggles have never improved.  I first got my orthotics made in 2006.  Even after not running consistently for at least 1 year 😳 my niggles are still stubbornly there!  I know my occupation is not helping things with all the walking I do on a shift.  So I have been trying to decide whether to start back in a neutral shoe with heel lift and see what happens or go into a motion control shoe.  I know I over pronate and have a leg length discrepancy but I have been thinking to try and strenghten my feet and leg muscles with the neutral shoe.  Everything in my head is also screaming, get into a motion control shoe! 

I happened to come across a blog on Coolrunning by Bennie who has started seeing a  physio who is also a foot specialist (Orthotist).  I like the idea of being treated by one person for all issues.  I know some of my niggles are a result of my feet and I know that my core strength sucks.  I have made an appointment for Tuesday and I can’t wait.  I really am ready to start running again and hopefully this guy can sort me out.  I have my sights on doing the 10km at Melbourne Marathon this year.

Lack of Motivation

I thought I would pop back in here to try and motivate myself!

Have been running sporadically but have been struggling with it mainly due to the little toe I broke on Jan 3rd.  It is still giving me grief.  I decided to get a second X-Ray taken to check if it had healed before doing Run 4 the Kids but the GP did not want me to run at all.  I decided I would do event depending on results and how it felt, it would be 10 weeks since I broke it on the event day.  Well I did the 14km event with RJ and we both struggled the entire distance.  It wasn’t just my toe but speaking for myself, my lack of  fitness and ended up walking most of the distance 😳   I have never ever done an event since I started running in 2006 and felt so crap!!

Since then I have been trying to run three times a week but the last couple of weeks I have been working heaps of shifts (nursing) and my toe seems to have flared up a bit.  I did re-join the gym again a couple of months ago to concentrate on pilates/yoga and now I am thinking maybe I should add some cross training.  I should also book in to get an assessment done and get a program written up as well.  Keep thinking about it but so far that is as far as it gets……… I am really good at procrastinating!

melbourne marathon

The day was an absolute spanking one for the MM yesterday, perfect conditions!  Met up with RJ around 9:30am and we hung around St Kilda Road opposite the Transport waiting for Flick (CR) to come through who was doing the half.  Saw her and gave her a mighy cheer 🙂 She got quite a mouthful of abuse from a runner as she waved back and crossed towards us, how bloody rude, no need for that!! 

We then started walking to our start line, well where we thought the start line was but in actual fact wasn’t.  Had to ask someone where it was 😳  We were so organised, not!  Now because I talked RJ into doing this run, I promised her we would stick together and cross the finishing line together no matter what.  We started at the back of the pack and not long after the start found ourselves walking due to the congestion of people.  Even though the plan was to walk bits as RJ needed, we found ourselves walking when we wanted to run which was annoying.  We plodded along slowly with about two bottleneck areas of congestion.  Have to say crossing the Swan Street Bridge was a bit hairy as it was not blocked off.  All those people trying to cross bridge and stay off the road with cars driving past was quite challenging to say the least.   It didn’t seem to be that long before we found ourselves going up over the Bridge that leads down towards “the G” (?William Barak).  I think that was where we saw Jaykay and Sassycil zoom past us.  RJ was feeling like total crap and feeling a little dizzy and was having a one minute walk break.  Started to plod again down the bridge and before we knew it there’s the “500m to go” sign, WHAT THE???  Surely we hadn’t nearly completed the 5km.  As we entered the MCG, I somehow lost RJ!  I started to panic because I promised her I was going to cross the line with her.  So I pulled over to the side and looked back and forward, then ran back but couldn’t see her anywhere.  I was thinking what a terrible friend I am and that I was never going to hear the end of it 😆 Anyway ran back a little more and finally spotted her!  So we did end up crossing the line together thankfully 🙂  Collected our medal, had a drink and then collected our showbag.  Walking up to the Transport we had the big discussion on how we both rock because it was the first Fun Run in an eternity and we walked/ran it and we managed to get ourselves a pb, pmsl! 

Arrived at the Transport and the smiles were wiped of our faces when Andrew(ajh) and Jaykay informed us the course was in fact 4km!!!!  So in the end our time was the same as our usual 5km time but we only did 4km 😆  Aahh well, at least we were out there doing something 🙂

Really great to have a chat and a drink with Jaykay, Andrew and meet Sassycil and Shells.  Had a good chat with Flick and caught up with many other Cool Runners as well.  A lot of happy runners around thats for sure.  Saw and chatted to Sara who was in full police uniform!  Hey Sara, on the CR site, someone commented on the cute policewoman who called out “Go Coolrunner” 😆   It was a really great afternoon and of course has motivated me to no end.  Definitely will be doing the Half Marathon next year at MM and hopefully improve on last years time. 

Can’t end this post without a special mention to Alisonjc and Mrs Wombat who honestly seriously rock on their Full Marathon achievement……. inspirational stuff!!

insane moment

Ok, I have had the insane moment and have entered the 5km at MM!!  I just couldn’t let it go by and have to say it was completely the social side of things that tipped me 😳   The sort of bright side is it only cost $50 instead of $55 that was advertised on page of entry fees.  Really looking forward to catching up with everyone and of course, Jaykay, the mandatory drinks at the Transport afterwards!  I was going to contact you re:  running buddies but somehow, and I honestly don’t know how, but I managed to talk RJ aka “c RJ run”  into doing it as well!!!  She has done absolutely no running for an eternity because she has been busy with her brother getting their new business venture up and running.  When I spoke to her on the phone I said, it’s going to be 22 degrees, a beautiful sunny morning, we can leisurely walk run it and then have champagne at the Transport with the ausrunners and coolrunners afterwards 🙂  Aaahhh,  the power of persuasion.  Now I have to work out how the hell I am going to get to the MCG before Sunday to pick up race packs!

I was thinking about this event and I realised that I have now done the 10km (07), the Half Marathon(08) and this year it will be the 5km.  Hhhmmm, that just leaves the Full Marathon to have completed all events……… 😆

plodding along in new shoes

I am still tossing up whether to do the 5km at MM this year and now that I have missed the early entry its not looking good.  Not only will it now cost $55, I will have to go into the MCG in race week to pick up race pack which will be a big hassle for me.  I might still have an insane moment and decide to do it but if not, I will probably do the next Spring into Shape . 

I have set myself a training program with the help of Smartcoach from Runners World (USA) with the goal run being the Sussan Women’s Fun Run 10km which is in December.  So I have been plodding along just doing 3km runs with a km of walking.  This Sunday I am set to increase to 5km, lol!  This time last year I was doing 16 – 18km runs in prep for the MM half and to be honest, I miss those long distances.  I have had a really tough year this year familywise so I am just grateful I am back running again.  The plan is just to enjoy  my running and build up as able….. thats the best I can do at the moment.

It occurred to me the other day that I was long overdue for some new runners and I trotted down to Radius 7 the  Brooks Factory in Smith Street, Collingwood.  I was all set to check out neutral shoes in other brands as we are on a bit of a budget at the moment and was absolutely estatic that I picked up a pair of Radius 7’s for $82!!   I usually wear the  Brooks Glycerins which are usually around the $250 mark and they were going for $170.  Still too much for me but it is worth remembering for the future as I usually buy them on-line from a USA running store for that price with postage included.  I am really happy with the Radius 7’s and the knee pain I was getting in both knees, new niggle, has gone so I can only assume it was my old shoes 😳

tail chasing

I have been chasing my tail abit this week and consequently have done no running.  I really hate that!  Not only do I feel pressure that I am running out of time to get back up to 10km for MM but the guilt of actually not exercising exhausts me.

I noticed on MM website that the 10km starts at 7.30am and the 5km starts a lot later, I think about 10.30am from memory.  I am wishing the 10km would start a bit later as I wanted to hang around and watch the half marathoners and marathoners finish but the start time means I will be hanging around for ages.  The way my running is going at the moment though I know I will definitely be able to do the 5km so it may just come down to that!

At this stage the week ahead does not look as chaotic as last week so hopefully I should be able to fit my three runs in.  I have been looking at a few training schedules as I have been really bored with just running at conversation pace.  I would dearly love to do a speed session once a week but am nervous with all my niggles and the fact that I am trying to build up km’s, it might not be wise to introduce  them just yet.  Having said that I think I am going to give it a little go and see how I pull up 😉

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