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 Well, I will be going to Princes Park for a run at some stage today.  Even though I didn’t get much sleep last night, I somehow how feel strangely invigorated!  Now because I missed my run yesterday it means my schedule is slighty out but I am sure in the big picture it is not going to make a difference.  The only thing is though, it means I will have to do one more 4k run before I can start my 5k runs in the new week.  I will have to start 5km on the Wednesday which then means to get back on track I will definitely have to run every 2nd day.  I must admit there are some days when I need 2 days recovery but I will see how I go.  Nothing is written in stone but I did want to keep on track , easier said than done in this household!  At the moment I am feeling really good bodywise so I hope it stays that way.


As you can see I have started my new blog.  I just couldn’t wait another second, lol!  I finally got my tables sorted although I do think the running log could be a little smaller in size.  I not going to worry about it now, I can always fix it later if it really bugs me.  I have been trying to change the size of blog font but I am yet to figure that out.  I think it needs to be a touch bigger especially if you have eyes like mine.  I use to have such perfect vision but that seems to be deteriorating.  I am sure I need glasses :0.

We are off to get some sand for 3year olds sand pit today, really looking forward to that, NOT!  I just know I am going to be cleaning sand up in the house left right and centre but he is going to love it, so thats good and it will keep him occupied for more than 5 minutes hopefully, lol.


Getting Sorted

In a nutshell this is my new blog for 2007.  I have another blog with wordpress and had been toying with the idea of linking two together.  Now that I have started doing it, I think I have created a monster as I have know idea what the hell I am doing.  As a mother of two very boisterous boys, I hardly have the time to scratch myself let alone sit and work things out on the computer, lol, and to top it off it is now school holidays.  I always like a challenge ;).  Oh well its done now and I shall persevere.  Thats my personality, I don’t like to give up :).  The eternal optimist which often lands me in the world of disappointment.  Anyway I shall plod along, a bit like my running really.  I figure I have till the beginning of January to get sorted because that is when I am going to really start building up my distance running and that is what this blog is for.  

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