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Street Run

exercise:  easy street run

10 minute brisk walk

40 minute run

10 minute cool-down walk


Once again I didn’t really have the time to head to Princes Park for my run but I really wanted to run outside today, so I settled on a local street run.  Started with a 10 minute brisk walk and I couldn’t wait to start running as it was a little nippy.  Around the 30 minute mark of running, my sciatica started to twinge a bit but I ignored it and finished my planned 40 minutes.  It started to rain at the 38 minute mark and it was absolutely beautiful.  I finished my 10 minute cool down and it was still sprinkling when I got home.  Had a good stretch on the front verandah and then jumped into a hot shower 🙂  Really enjoyed running outside again and hope to run on the week-end, maybe down the Tan or at Albert Park Lake.  


The school holidays start next week and I am really hoping to be able to keep doing my 3 runs a week.  I usually have to give the gym a miss over holidays but I will be very happy if I can continue with my running.  My 3 year old hasn’t been back to creche since “the incident” so I have had to rely on DH to babysit when he gets home from work in the morning.  Not only do I feel guilty about that, it also means that I can’t exercise until later in the morning which I don’t like to do.  I like to get my exercise out of the way early because it then leaves me plenty of time to do the things I should be doing around the house 🙄

P.S  Andrew, my dream car is actually the new VW beetle 😆  I wanted one when I got my first car but my Dad would not let me get a one.  He use to say, he could work on any car except that one so it became an unfulfilled dream for me 😦  I know I am probably too old for that kind of car now but they are so cute, especially the convertable ones!  Maybe a more fitting car for my age group would be a BMW convertable 😆



I was tagged and here are my one word response answers:

  • Where is your cell phone?  Kitchen
  • Relationship?  challenging
  • Your hair?  boring
  • Work?  Slave 😆
  • Your sister?  Perth 😦
  • Your favourite thing? Laptop
  • Your dream last night?  cryotherapy
  • Your favourite drink?  Champagne
  • Your dream car?  VW
  • The room your in?  Dining
  • Your shoes?  runners
  • Your fears?  terminal illness
  • What do you want to be in 10yrs?  alive
  • Who did you hang out with on the week-end?  family
  • What are you not good at?  singing
  • Muffin?  top 😦
  • Wish list item?  own car
  • Where did you grow up?  Perth
  • The last thing you did?  school interview
  • What are you wearing?  tracksuit
  • What are you not wearing?  watch
  • Your pet?  none
  • Your computer?  escape
  • Your life?  exhausting
  • Your mood?  content
  • Missing?  family
  • What are you thinking about?  stomach 
  • Your car?  old
  • Your kitchen?  new
  • Your summer?  hot
  • Favourite color?  none
  • Last time you laughed?  today
  • Last time you cried?  fortnight ago
  • School?  memories 🙂
  • Love?  sons

There is no one else left in blog land that I can tag so I will leave it at that.  I could tag a complete stranger but thats a bit embarrassing 😆

OMG, I’ve Been Tagged!

Exercise:  tready run  

10 minute brisk walk

40 minute run

10 minute cool down 


Hate to say this but I had the opportunity to go for an outdoor run today but I chose the tready at gym!  I just didn’t want to pound my feet on concrete doing a local street run.  If I had a little more time up my sleeve I would have driven to Princes Park but I didn’t so the tready it was.

It was a great run and I felt good while doing it 😀   My average heart rate was 130bpm which reminds me, I must look up the McMillan Running Calculator for paces.  I am following a regime but I need to know where I should be with the runs.  Although I still have the slight niggles they are not getting worse.  I am going to give myself this week and towards the end of next week before I go back to Pod to get checked out.

I had intended to go to gym tomorrow to do weights and spin but I have a Parent/Teacher meeting which I had forgotten about.  This means my nine year old will be home from school so I will have to contend with both, pesky 3 year old and the 9 year old 🙄    


OMG, I’ve been tagged!!  I am so excited about this!  I have never been tagged before!  I know, I lead a sad life 😳   Thanks Jaykay 😆   I will have to come back and do this later as I have to go and pick up my son from school 🙄

Fabulous, Fabulous Run


Was unable to swing the Sri Chinmoy event yesterday but I did meet up with RJ just after 9am at the the Tan 🙂   It was absolutely freezing but a beautiful morning for running 😀   We started with a very brisk walk along the Tan to warm up and then started running across the Morrel Bridge and completed a loop.  We then continued down Alexander Ave going towards Punt Road and then looped back to the Tan where we were parked.  It was a fabulous, fabulous 40 minute run.  When we finished stretching we headed off to the Children’s Playground Cafe for a latte and we shared a berry muffin, it was the perfect finish to our morning run 😀   I could really get use to doing that every Sunday that’s for sure, it was great.  I had happy hormones floating around the entire day!


Back to reality when I got home and both our boy’s started hounding us to go and see the new Shrek movie.  After we got lunch out of the way we headed to the 2:30pm session.  I was very relieved that my three year old sat relatively still.  He usually tears around the cinema and we get shusshed left right and centre as I tear around calling him in a stern whisper 😳  I think it was because we went a little later than normal so he was konking out of steam.  Yay for us because we got to watch the entire film for a change 😀

The Great Outdoors

exercise:  gym

50 minutes x-training (20 x-trainer, 20min brisk walk on tready and 10min rower)

I wasn’t sure I was going to get to the gym today even though I really wanted to go.  My 3 year old was digging his heels in and not wanting to go 😦   I sort of knew this was going to happen after yesterday’s incident.  I just only hope I can get him back there next week.  Anyway, DH came to the rescue and let me escape to the gym for a couple of hours thankfully 😀  I am on a quest to lose some of this weight I have put on!!  

I so wanted to run again on the tready and had to really hold myself back.  I can’t wait to run outdoors on the week-end and I may just head down to the Sri Chinmoy event on Sunday down at Como Landing if I can swing it.  I would really like to run the 7km event.  Not sure if running 7km’s at this stage of my comeback is very clever but I have an overwhelming desire to do it, so I am going it give it my best to get there 😆

No Super Heroes Here!!

exercise:  gym 

30minute tready run

core/upper weights


Had a fabulous run on the tready today  😀  Did I just say that??  How could you possibly have a fabulous run on the boring old tready?  Well, I did and it is because I am feeling so much better.  I am well and truly over my bug, thank goodness as I was beginning to think it was never going to go away.  I actually wanted to run longer than 30 minutes but the training regime said 30 minutes and who am I to argue.  Yes, and don’t ask, it is another training regime I found 🙄   I am a girl with loose morals when it comes to training regimes as I just jump from one regime to another, in search of the perfect one 😆   I have a run planned for the great outdoors on the week-end and I am really looking forward to that.  I am going to meet up with RJ so even better 🙂


Today was the first day I took my 3 year old son to the his new creche at the gym.  He was in a really happy mood and wanted to go to “creche” this morning.  So off we went.  Arrived and he settled in really well much to my relief.  When I went to collect him I was met with a furrowed brow from one of the child minders.  I spotted my son happily riding a tricycle eyeing off a little girl who was in tears.  The child minder took me aside and explained there was “an incident” were my darling little cherub wouldn’t share with a little girl and it all turned a bit nasty with my son pulling out his spiderman antics!  He throws his invisible spiderman web from his hand making the sounds with his mouth.  Let me tell you, I am forever bound in Spidermans web 😆  Apparently he did this to the little girl and the child minder when asked to to share.  The child minder then told me she told my son “we don’t have super heroes here and she made him sit in the corner to “think about it”, pmsl!!  I actually came out of there wondering what he had to think about??  The fact that he wouldn’t share or that there are no super heroes at creche.  Needless to say I felt embarrassed that this has happened on the very first day and feel like the worst parent in the world.  He is three and although this is the first time anything like this has ever happened in childcare, I am sure it won’t be the last.  Funnily enough, he seems fine about returning tomorrow which is making me nervous as to what other antics he has up his sleeve 😆

Blinking Feet!

Exercise:  gym

30 minute Tready run



I had my 2nd appointment at gym this morning to go through my program.  I came that close to cancelling it as I was feeling headachey and tired but decided in the end it would be too much hassle to change it.  So I soldiered on and was glad I kept it as it only took 20 minutes.  I decided while I was there that I would try and run on tready and see how the head held up.  I ended up doing a 30 minute run with walk breaks so I was happy with that.  I think I am on the tail end of this bug that I have had as last night was the first night my sore throat didn’t bother me too much.  I have had this blessed thing for 2 weeks!! 


Not that much to ramble about really.  I think I have lost my mojo abit with the outdoor running.  I am beginning to think my feet aren’t made for it.  How long does it take before the orthotic’s are perfected???  I think that is why I haven’t really attempted to run outside as I don’t want to start building up again only to have to stop again because of niggles.  I have had my orthotics in my runners religiously everyday and have done quite a bit of walking in them over that time and I can tell they are not right.  It is very frustrating!!  Maybe I should just bite the bullet, get outside and see what happens 🙄

Once again I came away from gym feeling happy with the change.  The equipment is even better than what I was using at Fernwood.  Quite amazing really when you think of the difference in cost.  I just have to get my pesky three year old to go happily into the creche.  I have a session booked for Friday so fingers crossed 😆  

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