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mojo gone awol

Hhhmmpphhh!  I thought I better post as it has been a while and thanks for asking Andrew, everything is fine apart from the old mojo going awol! 

Its been a month since R4K’s and I think I have been out about three times for a run since then 😳   I entered myself into the Mothers Day Classic to get myself motivated but so far it doesn’t seem to be working!  There are 11 days left so if I want to run the entire 8km, I guess I should get myself out there somehow.  I have been finding it really hard to slot the time in around all my 4 year olds bits and pieces.  I am still having to stay for all kinder sessions and have to say, I am a little over it.  All I can think of is what I could be doing instead of playing dress ups, doing puzzles, reading stories, playing hide and seek etc, I think the kinder should put me their pay-roll 😆 When we are not at kinder we are doing Speech Therapy sessions and soon we will be adding Occupational Therapy.  My big plan was to use the kinder session times as my exercise time guilt free but I can’t seem to fit it in anywhere else at the moment.  I know this is not forever but I can’t help but find it a little frustrating.

Now on a positive note, I started using a different Weight Watchers method which they have added to the program and in the first week I lost 1.4kg, woo hoo!!  Was extremely happy with that and I find it so much better than counting points.  My diet has been so much better and the biggest bonus is, I am definitely not hungry!

I have had my sister staying with me for the last 5 days and it was really great to have her here.  When I went home in August last year for Dad’s funeral it was such a short sad trip that we both felt we needed some time together.  She is the only person in the world who I can have a real good laugh with at the most ridiculous things, and I mean rolling around with tears streaming down out faces.  Although I had the kids home for her stay, we also somehow managed to cram in quite a bit of retail therapy and we were both really happy with our purchases, although the kids weren’t!  Its the first time in ages I have been to the shops and bought clothes and shoes for everyday wear and not running gear!  I had actually planned to utilise her while she was here to get out and run but I just couldn’t be stuffed, and have to say the weather is also turning me off a bit, it is so cold!

So feeling a little down in the dumps today as she flew home to Perth and now its back to reality.  I have to somehow get out and run!


happy one day cranky the next

And its all to do with my weight!!  I weighed myself yesterday as I couldn’t remember if I weighed in on the Friday or the Saturday and I was 400gms lighter.  Now I wasn’t overly wrapped with that figure, but hey its better than nothing!  Then I get on the scales this morning just to double check and I have frickin maintained, how can that bloody well be!  I feel as if I have been starving the whole week for nothing, I was hoping to have at least lost 1kg.  I hate watching what I eat, it seriously sucks especially when it appears you haven’t in fact lost anything!! 

So, I am starting again today……… I am taking todays weight and am going to continue with the starvation diet Weight Watchers points.  I am going to try and not have any alcohol for a week which is going to down right kill me, no actually I will finish the four sisters bottle in the fridge and then no alcohol until next weigh in.  I can do that surely???  I am also going to try and do some activity everyday, even if it is only a walk.  I have been finding it really hard to slot the exercise in as I have been having to stay for all my 4 year olds kinder sessions as he is not settling in at all 🙄  

My knee feels much better now but I do feel a little tightness in in the quad.  I haven’t done any running since Mondays run group and I actually feel as though I have lost my mojo a bit.  This always seems to happen after I do my goal event.  I am planning to do the 8km Mothers Day Classic but it just doesn’t feel the same as Run 4 Kids.  I feel a little apprehensive about going to Mondays run group as I am scared I am going to hurt myself again.  

Will finish by congratulating both The Girls (Jaykay, Em, Michelle and Corrie) and Team Muttley (Clarkey and co) who both participated in the Oxfam Trailwalker event.  First the Girls, you are an inspiration to us all!  With all your blood, sweat and tears that you have put into the preparation, and following through and completing the event earlier than anticipated, you girls do truly rock!!!  I have loved following your journeys through your blogs and thank-you for sharing them.  And Team Muttley, what a sensational achievement!!  Not only did the team run the entire way, they broke the bloody Australian record 😯   Absolute legends!  I feel very proud to be associated with all these ausrunners 😀   Oh boy, that all sounds a bit gushy, doesn’t it, but I can’t help it because I am blown away by everyones achievements 😆  

sore knee

Went to run group last night and it was fantastic!  We did hill repeats, strides, strength stuff as in push-ups, dips and lunges etc.  I went home feeling as though I had put in a good session but a little embarrassed about my upper strength, I so suck at push-ups 😳

Today is a different story as when I woke up, I was unable to weight bear on my right leg because of something going on in my knee.  I don’t know what I have done as it was perfectly fine last night??  As the day has progressed, I can now weight bear but my gait is definetly not normal.  I have managed to get ice on it once today and tonight I will apply some more and elevate leg.  Not very happy about this as I really wanted to do the speed session tomorrow and I am not sure what to do.  There are only three weeks left of my Sporting Spirit sessions and I have loved it!  Haven’t always been able to get there which has been a total pain in the butt!  I would love to sign up for more sessions and continue on with it but I don’t think I will as I hate it when I can’t get there.  The best time for me to exercise is when pesky 4 year old is at kinder.  If only they had 9.30am groups then I would be laughing.

Although I am still starving from my WW point counting, I feel as though I am getting into the swing.  I have still gone over a few points here and there but I know I will eventually get there and make better choices.  Thanks for the link Em, that site looks good.  I have made a pumpkin risotto today and it looks really yummy, just have to watch my portion sizes as dinner time is my worst time 🙄    Andrew and JoJo, you are way too kind but thank-you for your nice comments 😀

counting points…… again!

I am feeling pretty refreshed after having a week of no exercise.  I didn’t intend not to exercise, it just ended up that way with one thing or another.  I am really looking forward to run group tonight to get the old bones moving again.

 As the title indicates, I have started counting  Weight Watcher points again after deciding it is time I faced reality that I am a boombaladi and I need to get at least 6kgs off.  That certainly crept up on me and I need to take action now with winter just around the corner.  Soon someone will have to arrange a crane to get me out of the house if I don’t do something about it.  Its pretty damn depressing actually when you realise you can no longer eat and drink what you want, when you want.  I can honestly say this has happened to me over the last 6 years.  I like to blame aging and hormones but at the end of day it doesn’t matter what the reason is, you just have to face reality!  I wish I had more than 20 points a day though, as yesterday I felt as though I was going to starve to death 😆

 Oh yeah, I have changed my blog look yet again, it just seemed a bit dark and gloomy 🙄   

ran 4 the kids 2 days ago

I seem to be forever dragging my heals in the blogging department lately.  I started my Run 4 Kids post on the day and now it is Tuesday 😯  

Sunday was the most brilliant day, weatherwise, runningwise and socialisingwise!  Met up with RJ outside the Arts Centre and headed down to event area.  Checked our bags in, did the toilet stop and before we knew it, it was time to line up at the start.  Have to say it didn’t appear as organised as last year as we noticed lots of different coloured bibs in our yellow section which we paid for after the run had started. It took ages to weave through walkers and prams before we found ourselves on a clear path. Honestly, whats the point of different coloured bibs if you are not going to get into correct allocated area! Running through the Domain tunnel was awesome and I made sure to really take in all surroundings from start to finish as last year I didn’t. We were in a really good rhythm and before we knew it we were at the 5km mark. It was totally awesome looking at the streams of runners way ahead and then look behind at the mass as well. Loved the Bolte Bridge and I was wishing I had my mobile to take a snappy of RJ and I under the BB sign. We kept cruising along and were soon at the La Trobe Street where Sara was stationed and it was really great to see her nice smiling encouraging face at that point 🙂  Not long after that we found ourselves at Collins Street.  I knew they had changed the course and I thought it was going to be flatter at that point. It was a very rude shock to find myself grunting up a different killer incline as this is where I started to feel the pinch last year and just wasn’t expecting it at all!  I could hear RJ saying “I thought they got rid of this hill?” 😆 Eventually got through that and then continued along and fell back into a rhythm again although probably a little bit slower.   Ran down St Kilda road towards finish and felt so much happier as I definetly was not carking it like last year.  Crossed the finish line and spotted Jaykay, Michelle, Tigerboy and Wombatoutofhell and stopped and chatted for about 10 minutes.  We then continued along and it was then that RJ and I realised that we hadn’t passed through the “paddle swiping bit yet 😳  We collected our bags and then headed to the Transport Bar for coffee, champers and something to eat.  We caught up with the ausrunners and met some coolrunners from the forums which was really awesome!  It just made the day so much better and was a great way to spend post race.  Its just a shame that when I got home I had to return to “Mum” mode the minute I walked in the door 🙄  All I felt like doing was continuing on with the champagne and lapping up my “runners high”, pesky kids 😆

*edit*  Results are in the paper today and my official time was 1:32:28.  

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