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we’re all going on a summer holiday

Dilly daddled around this morning and left it a little late to go to the gym.  I decided that this was my opportunity to get out for a run as I had to do something.  I decided not to wear garmin but just my watch and go by time……. I didn’t want to get too depressed with distance covered in the planned 30 minutes.  So I hit the street and headed down to local lake.  It was really warm and sticky out there and I was dying of thirst by the time I finished!  I am really happy that I did it and hopefully this will get me on a roll for the running now.  All my niggles felt ok and my knee that has been giving me grief held up well, the VMO exercises I have been doing must be doing the trick.  I still have the plantar fasciitis though which is really annoying especially as I haven’t been running!  I am going to try and do all my physio exercises sometime today because I missed out on my weights.

Booked our summer holiday today…… we are off to Lakes Entrance with RJ and family, woohooo, can’t wait for that!  😀

*edit*  Physio and core exerscises done 🙂


each day as it comes

Since running the 1/2 at MM in October, I have only done about 2-3 training runs and completed the 4km Spring into Shape which was a walk/run with my 10 year old son.  My plan was to keep running 2 short runs and 1 long run up to 10km a week which was the advice from my physio, in conjunction with exercises to work on my imbalances.  I have lost my running mojo big time!!  Have to say though I am not overly worried and have got myself down to the gym and have been doing weights and x-training.  I am really enjoying the change but having said that I have been toying with the idea of rocking up to the Sri Chinmoy event on the 14th December and running something………. still a little time up my sleeve!

Just to recap on the MM which seems as though it was an eternity ago, had an absolute blast on the day!  Was relatively happy with my run and really enjoyed the after celebrations at the Transport.  Sipped champagne the whole arvo, cheered the Marathoner’s in and just soaked up the whole atmosphere.  Will definetly be back next year for this one 😀

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