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shower anyone?

Went for a run down at Princes Park this morning and it was already quite humid by the time I set off.  Had a bit of a sleep in so I didn’t get there until about 8.30am.  All felt good apart from normal pain in the butt 😆  I ended up having to cancel two physio appointments and have it rescheduled now for 6th Feb!   Have to make sure I get to this one as my physio is getting married and having a month off after that. 

Have been running consistently since Sri Chinmoy and jumped ship from Weight Watchers to Calorie King a few days ago.  I was getting really bored with WW and so far so good on the Calorie King wagon!

Driving home from PP this morning I drove past a burst water main and felt it was worth a drive back to show the kids.





sri chinmoy 5km

I almost didn’t make this run today as I slept in and nearly decided to just roll over and go back to sleep.  What got me there was that I had made the decision that this was the run that was going to get me back on track.  I managed to get out the door by 7am.  After parking and registering, I made my way to the traditional toilet queue 😆  After about 10 minutes with the line moving very slowly and after each person coming out saying, “eeewww grosssss”, I decided to make my way to one of the toilets on Royal Parade.  Just wasn’t sure I could face anything gross that early in the morning!  I had 20 minutes up my sleeve so went for a jog there and back.  As I was approaching the start line, I realised that they were about to start any second so I didn’t get time to get my breathe back.  My watch must have been 5 minutes slow 🙄 

I struggled today 😦  I know I haven’t ran since the 10km Sussan run but I wasn’t expecting it to feel quite so bad.  At 2kms I felt as though I needed to walk and the self talk at this stage was very abusive!  I managed to hold off until the drink station and then walked for 1 minute.  My lower back has been giving me quite a bit of grief even though I haven’t been doing any form of exercise.  I thought maybe rest might help it but it hasn’t at all.  I also think driving back from Lakes Entrance for 3 and 1/2 hours non stop on Thursday may have aggravated it as well.  Anyway, started running again and had another walk break at the incline just after the underpass 😦  At this stage I was feeling very disgruntled with performance.  Finished in 32 minutes 😳  I know I can do better than that!

I was talking to one of the Coolrunner’s afterwards and I said to him that I couldn’t believe that I had ran a half marathon only 3 months ago and I struggled more today than I did in that.  He said to me, “don’t look back, just look forward”……….  I really liked that comment and thats what I am going to do.  Needless to say, I have a physio appointment on Thursday 🙄 

It was just what I needed today, to get out there with all the other runners and have a good chat afterwards.  There are some really inspiring people in the running community and even though I am not fantastic at running, I love being a part of it 😀

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